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About me

My name is Kalina Terzieva and I am an artist and graphics designer. My artwork brand name is Tri Tochki (Three Points).

I started making leather goods after facing lots of difficulties finding a handbag I would be happy to have – very practical but also nice looking in bright, intense colours and made from natural materials. I prefer big elegant bags because you can fit everything in them - from make-up items to groceries.

My curiosity and experimental spirit lead me through the development of a vast variety of bag models - from everyday bags to clutches for special occasions and all those small accessories like glass bags, wallets, etc. It is a fantastic feeling to explore different shopping locations and materials in order to find the right shape, colour and quality which match the particular bag design I’ve made. The materials I use are 100% natural.

I make everything by myself - from the first discussion with the client to the final touches. The most important thing for me is to sense the client’s individuality and find a way to express it in a combination of practicality and great looking design.

I love the excitement of seeing happy customers who wear my bags and enjoy their lives. If you are not satisfied with ready-made bags and want something unique, great looking, 100% natural and hand made at a reasonable price, contact me and I’ll do my best to design and handcraft YOUR BAG.